Long life, high strength framing

Olympic Rotalok Steel Framing offers many benefits, the obvious being long life and high strength, however numerous other advantages should be considered.

Built to last

The guarantee of quality offered by Olympic Industries has enabled us to become the number one supplier of steel garages in Australia.

Rotalok Steel Framing

Advantages of Rotalok steel framing


The framework is rigid, straight, remains true, resists warping, twisting and cracking. The total framework is engineered and built to last.


Precision engineering and production techniques ensure accurate framing members which lead to greater efficiency by subsequent trades. Pre-punched service holes save time for plumbing and electrical installation. Claddings, linings and fixtures are fitted true, square and correct. The clip on brick ties are also a great time saver for the bricklaying trade.


Almost any design or layout is possible with the versatility of Olympic Rotalok steel framing. The strength of steel allows larger open living areas and more design possibilities.


Roll formed framing members are cut to length allowing minimal delivery times and the simple clip together system also minimises on-site erection times.

Termite resistance

Only premium quality steel is used. It is protected from corrosion by galvanised and zinc coatings which are guaranteed to meet Australian Standard AS 1397. Steel is not affected by white ants, borers or termites therefore saving thousands of dollars in the long term.

Transportable / relocatable homes

The OLYMPIC ROTALOK system is ideal for use on transportable homes. The rigid connections that the system provides, ensures a travel safe home. Claddings, linings, door and window jambs will stay straight and damage free.

Olympic Industries Rotalok steel framing