Become an Olympic Industries Distributor

Olympic Industries is a market leading home improvements manufacturer offering a comprehensive range of engineered steel structures for the domestic, rural and commercial sectors.

We are offering opportunities to established companies to become authorised distributors for our products.

Becoming an Olympic Industries distributor is easy. You will be required to provide a quote for your customer and sell them the structure they select. Our expert team located in the Olympic Industries Head Office in Adelaide, will provide all the information in regards to ordering, planning and delivering the product to the customer.

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For more information about becoming an authorised distributor please contact: Paul Martin on (08) 8349 5744 or by email

Builders Licence Number: GL37130

Olympic Industries Distributors


Olympic Industries will provide distributors with a number of tools and resources to help grow their business including:

  • Sales support
  • Technical support
  • Signage for your site
  • Advertising in all forms of media

We guarantee installers business!

Olympic Industries are looking to expand their team of handy, skilled people to build sheds, carports, pergolas and verandahs.

It’s no secret, Olympic Industries products, installations team, logistics and support are the best in South Australia.

We are committed to remunerating with extremely attractive and competitive rates. What’s more important, you are guaranteed business throughout the year.

If you have the tools, vehicle and builders licence please contact Tony or Geoff on (08) 8349 5744.


I’ve been working with Olympic Industries for nearly forty years and can absolutely vouch for their products, installation team, logistics and support as being the best in South Australia and I know many installers would agree! The Olympic Industries product is a solid structure, designed to handle the harsh Australian climate and it looks the most appealing product on the market with a smooth and clean finish. Most importantly, they are the easiest, most effortless, uncomplicated and straightforward sheds to build. This is mainly due to the precise manufacturing and welded components that easily fit together. I can put their sheds up almost twice as fast as other competitive sheds which use complicated loose plates and brackets. The welded components that Olympic Industries use make the shed exceptionally strong! Colin Jackson